We are the ‘treasure hunters’ of the wine world with decades of wine buying clout resulting from our deep relationships in the wine industry. Wine Spectrum’s procurement team scours the globe for some of the most distinctive wines—from shipwrecked 1907 Champagne taken from the bottom of the Baltic Sea—to exclusive Italian wines known only by their small-town neighbors delivered with pristine provenance.


Wine is our passion! We enjoy procuring the best wines that surprise and delight our customers. Our experienced team consists of wine advisors, wine buyers, sommeliers, former restaurant owners and wine directors. Our relationships with a host of distinguished winemakers means we can offer you a selection of exclusive, limited production wines that are unlikely to reach mainstream wine-store shelves.

OUR team

Wine Spectrum’s professional wine advisors cultivate a personal understanding of wine preferences for each client. They seek out wines that resonate with clients and keep them updated on new offerings. Wine Spectrum wine advisors offer a free service to customers including: free storage and detailed inventory management, first access to highly allocated wines, advice on how long to age wines, appropriate wines for each occasion as well as food and wine pairings. 

Glenn siegel

Founder and President

Glenn Siegel launched Wine Spectrum in 1990 with the goal of making remarkable wines available to wine enthusiasts everywhere. In his international travels, he discovered that truly great wine is often difficult to find, so he began developing relationships with respected winemakers along the way.

His unique person-to-person direct sales philosophy helped him develop rewarding, long-lasting relationships with wine lovers everywhere. His devotion to the wine business also earned him respect among winemakers, giving him access to highly-allocated wines.

As a wine expert, he is often sought out for his opinion and has been quoted in “The Wine Spectator,” several newspapers and business magazines, and even made a special appearance on the “Today Show.” Even in this high-tech, fast-paced world, Glenn believes busy people still prefer a personal touch. By maintaining a well-trained and experienced staff of wine advisors, Wine Spectrum provides new and returning customers alike good, old fashioned personalized care along with some great wine!


Wine Spectrum is managed by a team of professionals dedicated to steering the organization into its next 30 years of success.


Our advisors represent decades of wine industry experience.

Cleo D’Angelo, Senior Wine Advisor
Stacey Evans, Senior Wine Advisor
Erik Young, Senior Wine Advisor
Shannon Anderson, Senior Wine Advisor
Scott Barbieri, Senior Wine Advisor
Michael Hill, Senior Wine Advisor
Brian Dunlap, Senior Wine Advisor
Marilyn Swan, Senior Wine Advisor
Bret Barrett, Senior Wine Advisor
Sara Brown, Senior Wine Advisor
Drew Raymond, Wine Advisor

Molly Pearson, Wine Advisor