This week in wine news: Bordeaux Fraud, Rising Demand for US Imports

US Producers Lift Non-European Wine Values


Liv-ex reported on its blog that while Bordeaux indices have dropped by a few percentage points, certain US labels have led the charge behind a significant rise of 16.5% on the “Rest of the World 50 Index”. Two producers led the US growth – Opus One and Dominus. In particular, the 2005 and 2006 vintages of Dominus, which garnered 95 and 96 point scores from Parker, were attributed to the steady growth of non-Bordeaux

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Bordeaux Wine Investment Firm Exposed as a Fraud

Mirror-headline 9.1.14

Increased demand by foreign investors has created new opportunities for scammers. A fake wine investment company that went by the name Le Bordeaux Wines Limited. The company was registered in December of 2012, and operated until just recently, when the website was shut down. A police investigation revealed that wines sold to investors did not exist, and that no money was ever paid out. It looks like people have been on to their scheme for some time now, based on this brief account from the Mirror UK.

Italian winemaker brings winetasting to consumer’s homes

A new trend is emerging in Italy, led by wine lover Marco Ghezzi. Marco convinced some of his winemaker friends to join him in a more casual setting where a small group of 10-15 people gather at a home to enjoy wine and good company. These intimate tastings represent a new way for brands to forge direct relationships with consumers.

As Ghezzi explains, “From a business point of view, we are building brand loyalty with our end-consumers; communication is done by us directly, not by some intermediary (a sommelier, or an agent, or even a restaurateur); and price point is not an issue, because when your presence and your stories add value to the wine, people are willing to pay the price you ask.” So what do you think? Would you be up for an in-house tasting?

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